10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained. Is Your Cat Okay? Probably

Getting wont to however your cat behaves may be amusing. There square measure many things they are doing that may solely cause you to stare and surprise. whereas cat lovers might simply shrug their shoulders and say that it’s traditional for kitties to act a particular manner, the remainder of the population will solely scratch their heads in confusion.
New cat house owners might even panic once they begin to note these feline quirks! Most of those actions may be derived back to the cat’s primal instincts, whereas others square measure behaviors that you just ought to look out for as they’ll be signs of a medical or psychological condition. 10 of these cat behaviors explained here square measure the foremost common.

1. Kneading
Have you ever gotten a massage from your cat or seen those cute cat videos wherever they provide their humans or their fellow kitties a massage? this is often what we have a tendency to decision kneading, or as some would playfully discuss with, as “making biscuits,” because it is kind of kind of like the movement done once making ready a chunk of dough.

Kittens develop this movement at associate early stage as they press their paws onto the mother cat’s breasts to stimulate milk unleash. whereas this is often common for kittens, it will continue into adulthood as fully-grown cats still knead and massage their humans or different cats.
They aren’t making an attempt to induce milk from you. Instead, behavioural analysis has shown that this is often a symbol of attachment. it’s the simplest way for your cats to attach with you as they fight to rub their scent on you.

2. Bunting
Much like kneading behavior, bunting, or head-butting, could be a manner for your cats to indicate fondness. Since cats have scent glands throughout their bodies, they use rubbing and head-butting as ways that to transfer their scent on you.
Typical behavior in wild felines like lions and tigers, bunting has been known as an everyday feline social behavior. Domesticated cats have continuing this social instinct and have carried it on as the simplest way to indicate that they need accepted their human as a part of their family.

3. Love for tiny areas
Despite the big space offered for your kitty to loll and relax, there square measure times after you realize them curled in a very tight and personal spot. they might be underneath the couch, within a box, or concealment somewhere.
While some would contemplate this behavior to be a symbol of hysteria or depression, most cats get pleasure from the heat and security that these areas supply. The cat’s ancestors found comfort in fenced in areas because it would conceal them from doable predators. Your cat feels constant once he’s curled within the privacy of his own tight and comfy spot.

4. ‘Gifting’ You Dead Animals
If you’ve got ever been in a very state of shock and disgust upon finding a dead eutherian or bird at your feet, recognize that you just square measure actually loved and appreciated by your feline companion. Gifting prey is a technique for your cat to show his fondness for you.
This can be viewed as cats treating humans as fellow cats. Some researchers believe that cats establish United States of America not as humans, however as larger, clumsier cats. during this manner, they see the fauna before you as a food giving talented to you out of their fondness.

5. Random Sprints
Domestic cats were bred from larger, wild felines that square measure called searching animals. while not the necessity to trace and stalk their prey, cats save plenty of their energy.
Sometimes, they only want a abrupt unleash of all their keep energy, that explains why there square measure times after you see your kitty sprinting from one space to a different for no apparent reason.
Cats square measure rather restive creatures, however even once no abrupt input seems, they commence in a very swift run. Take this as a symbol that your kitty features a ton of energy. perhaps a touch of exercise might do them good?

6. Pica (Eating Things That Aren’t Food)
Dog house owners square measure wont to seeing bits of their stuff obtaining chewed up, particularly once they have a replacement puppy around. mastication is traditional behavior for odontiasis pups, except for cat house owners, this is often associate horrendous sign that one thing could also be wrong with their cat.
Pica is once your cat starts ingestion things that aren’t food and can’t be digested; things like plastic baggage, paper, and sometimes things that square measure made up of wool.
There square measure variety of causes to Pica, from high levels of stress, diet deficiencies, lack of attention, to biological science. it’s best to require your cat to a vet to search out the foundation reason behind this behavior as a result of this might cause organic process issues and different health conditions.

7. Uncovered Poop
Cats square measure sometimes nit-picky creatures WHO get pleasure from keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. once a cat suddenly starts going away their waste uncovered, there could also be underlying reasons for this.
Paw injuries might stop them from covering it up. A a lot of serious case would be once your cat features a tract infection. However, it might simply be that the litter box is just too dirty, it must be modified, and that they simply wish you to scrub it up!

8. Claw-biting
Usually, tense could be a a part of a cat’s grooming method, however once endlessly done, it can be a symbol of hysteria.
Claw-biting could be a behavior that looks strange initially however after you contemplate the too-common human behavior like nail biting, you start to appreciate that it’s not therefore weird in spite of everything.
Cats resort to tense behavior once they square measure nervous or anxious, rather like humans.
When it becomes constant, however, tense could also be a symbol of medical conditions like tinea or skin disorder.

9. Bird Chattering
Cats chatter, associate action wherever they produce a sound with their teeth once they see their prey. you’ll be able to observe this behavior ensuing time you discover your cat staring through a window and look close birds.
At the sight of prey, feline predatory instincts square measure triggered. Studies have shown that the movement stimulates glands within the cat’s mouth that permit them to smell their prey. Others believe that chattering could be a results of frustration from not having the ability to attack. Either way, it may be joined to their predatory instincts.

10. Attention-Seeking
Cats have this loveable, however now and then annoying habit of lying down on your things, particularly at the instant you’re victimisation them. whereas it’s obvious that they’re vying for your attention, this is often additionally the simplest way for them to go away their scent on your belongings as the simplest way of marking their territory.

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