5 Tips for Keeping a Cat Happy in a Small Apartment

There’s one thing to be same regarding the approach to life of cats. They don’t work, they eat once they need, and sleep most of the day. But, once they square measure awake, they will be nice companions. All they need to be happy may be a very little tenderness and a few basic desires. Here square measure 5 tips for keeping a cat happy in very tiny living accommodations.

1- Litter Box
If a cat doesn’t like one thing regarding their litter box, they’re going to let their homeowners apprehend, typically within the worst means. A cat desires its own personal house to require care of business. lined boxes square measure excellent for little areas wherever an area can’t be dedicated to litter. It might be placed within the toilet or closet, as long as they need quick access. Self-cleaning litter boxes also are the associate possibility. however, typically the moving elements will scare a feline far from them. Clumping litter is that the best kind to use can|and may} be clean daily so the cat will need to use it.

2- Cat-Proofing the living accommodations
Cats can have the liberty to locomote in their living setting, and that they can go all over that their very little paws can permit them to travel. this is often notably true in a very tiny space sort of one-bedroom living accommodations. Here a number of things to admit to staying them, and your possessions, safe.

Shelves: Breakables shouldn’t be unbroken on shelves that the cat will jump up onto. they’re going to naturally explore and may simply knock things off of shelves.

Cleaning things: cupboards that contain cleaners and different unsafe items ought to be secured.

Toilet paper: Cats like to unroll bathroom tissue. It’s higher to own it rolling from beneath.

3- Cats want a read
Whether it’s a perch by a window or a kitty tower, cats want somewhere wherever they will sit and consider the activity around them whereas wanting down on their world. once a cat will see what’s happening around them, they’re going to feel a lot of content and secure. Otherwise, they could feel afraid, associated nobody needs an anxious cat.

4- Toys
Cats could get bored once their homeowner’s square measure out of the living accommodations, thus toys square measure an excellent thanks to keeping them occupied. they might be loose, high toys, or even hanging from their tower. Toys can facilitate them to pass the time. make certain to urge them a range of toys, to stop ennui or anxiety. once a cat lives in a very tiny house, they have much stimulation to form up for his or her shut confinement.

5- Brushing
Cats like to be brushed. Not solely will it facilitate to stay their shedding in restraint, however brushing also will alert the owner to any problems with fleas or ticks, which might be addressed forthwith. Any treatments for the cat to urge eliminate fleas should be exhausted in conjunction with having associate terminator process the living accommodations. tiny areas will quickly become overrun with these pests.

Keeping a cat happy in a very tiny setting may be achieved with a bit diligence. reciprocally for providing comfy and safe surroundings, cat homeowners square measure rewarded with those very little purrs and body rubs that square measure cat’s ways that of showing love and tenderness

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