How to Care for the Jaguar Cichlid: A Quick Practical Guide

Adding new fish to your fish tank may be difficult, particularly once you need to perk up things up with a novel species. the toughest ones to cater to square measure out and away the predators, as they notice it exhausting to induce in conjunction with less aggressive beings. Such is that the case of the big cat percoidean, a medium-sized beauty that may get rather feisty once prey seems on its measuring instrument.

If adding one to your tank appeals to you, then you would like to remember of the peculiarities of the big cat percoidean. This species is as stunning because it is tightened, particularly once it involves feeding time. what’s a lot of, it doesn’t play well with everybody, which implies that listening to pairings is crucial. Here is what you ought to understand on the subject to form the proper balance.


About the big cat percoidean
Caring for This Species
The Bottom Line
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About the big cat percoidean
Scientifically referred to as Parachromis managuensis or the Cichlasoma managuense, the big cat percoidean may be a Central Yankee species of seafood. Its swimming grounds unfold from the Republic of Honduras to Central American nation, and it’s a fish each consumed for food and control in aquariums as a pet. Its edibleness is delineated as being wonderful, because it may be a mainstay dish in its autochthonic space.

While females live around thirty centimeters in size or roughly twelve inches, males grow as massive as thirty-five centimeters, or fourteen inches. However, the typical size of 1 specimen is of twenty-two centimeters. The species goes by several names, like Nahuatl percoidean, managuense percoidean, Nicaraguan capital percoidean, noticed guapote, guapote Tigre, and big cat guapote.

Their look is analogous to it of black basses and sunfish, however, their identifying attribute is that the existence of one anterior naris on every lateral of the top. It conjointly contains a discontinuous lateral line organ separated into 2 components. Its body is besprent with quite a few purplish-black spots, that provides it the jaguar-like look instructed in its name.

This distinctive and attention-grabbing look is what makes the big cat percoidean quite simply a delicious tropical meal. it’s a fine looking companion that may brighten up the atmosphere in any tank. However, thanks to its nature, it conjointly needs special care. If you would like to feature it to your fish tank, you ought to contemplate a number of things 1st.

Caring for This Species

The big cat percoidean is currently wide found in South American canals because it will simply comply with environs of lakes with a rocky, sandy, or muddy bottom. This makes the species quite tolerant of poor water quality. all the same, this doesn’t imply that you just ought to skip out on improvement the tank often. It still desires attention and care, rather like the other living being.

What you would like to contemplate on top of else square measure its feeding habits. The big cat percoidean may be a medium-sized raptorial and expedient predator that consumes little snails, aquatic insects, snails, and even lizards from time to time. Therefore, it doesn’t play well with defenseless tank mates. Instead, you would like to try with alternative predators of the same aggression level.

In fact, it coexists best with alternative percoidean species that square measure territorial and aggressive rather like it. Optimum tank mates square measure, therefore, the prizefighter percoidean, the Midas percoidean, and therefore the TX percoidean. alternative varieties tend to be a small amount a lot of defensives, which may be prejudicial for the miniature marine system you’re attempting to create.

Come feeding time, one mature big cat percoidean will consume as several as ten swordtails. you ought to solely feed it once on a daily basis and check out to vary its menu from time to time. it’ll conjointly greatly get pleasure from worms, tadpoles, or crickets. As long because it is alive and moving, your percoidean can devour it quickly. slice fish and crayfish work too, however not too usually.

Dried fish food is additionally useful for his or her development and health. Avoid feeding the big cat cichlids items of beef, pork, or poultry, as they’re not equipped to digest this kind of meat. what’s a lot of, permitting them to quick for at some point every week is suggested because it boosts their craving and cleanses their system.

Finally, detain mind that whereas big cat cichlids like warm waters, their aggression levels rise with the temperature. For this reason, you ought to keep the tank at around seventy-seven degrees physicist, or twenty-five degrees Celsius. this may keep them calm enough to play well with others, however not numb them down fully either. it’s the proper state of affairs for them.

The Bottom Line
Adding a predatory fish to your tank is rarely simple, and this can be true within the case of the big cat percoidean still. However, by feeding it right and paying additional attention to water temperature, you may actually offer the insufficient guy with a nice surrounding wherever it will thrive. simply watch out to not throw alternative defenseless aquatic beings within the combine, otherwise, you can regret it.

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