TELL YOUR DOG you like THEM during a method THEY perceive

Owning a dog is one in all life’s nice pleasures. we tend to love our dog and our dog loves the US.

Dogs don’t show fondness within the same method that we tend to do. snuggling could be a common method for humans to indicate a love for every alternative. Most dogs don’t like being hugged and cannot interpret a hug as a symbol of fondness.
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We need to seek out alternative ways that of showing dogs however we tend to feel. Here area unit some concepts.

Endorphins area unit a gaggle of hormones that area unit discharged by enjoyable experiences. If somebody greets the US with our name and smiles as they shake our hands, this releases endorphins that contribute to the enjoyable expertise.

All mammals turn out endorphins – as well as dogs.

Rubbing a dog round the ears stimulates the discharge of endorphins. This spot is that the location of the many nerve endings and massaging it offers the dog a pleasing feeling throughout his whole body.


You have in all probability detected your dog standing close to you and leaning on your legs. within the dog world, this is often the simplest way of showing fondness. they need to be as about to you as attainable. you’ll be able to reciprocate and meet them. If they’re lying close to you, all you have got to try to is apply some pressure together with your shins or calves. Not an excessive amount of, barely enough to allow them to recognize that you just wish to be shut.


Often, the sole times we tend to seek advice from our dog is to issue a command. this is often fine and is an element of getting a well-behaved pet. it’s a part of any dog coaching regime. however, dogs conjointly get pleasure from simply being talked to. it’s been shown that the human voice will calm anxious or energetic dogs. you’ll be able to state the items that have happened in your day or maybe browse from a book. Speak during a relaxed tone and don’t place an excessive amount of feeling in your voice.

You will typically realize your dog gazing you along with his head to at least one facet attempting to work out what it all suggests that.


While staring forcefully into your dog’s eyes could be a sign of aggression, the other is true of a soft eyelike gaze. Your dog can see this as a symbol of fondness, notably if you modify your countenance. Dogs typically raise their eyebrows as a symbol of fondness. It offers them associate open happy look. Your dog is going to be ready to distinguish your raised eyebrows and can take this as a symbol of your love. it’s notably effective after you greet your dog once associate absence.

SLEEPING together with your DOG
Ancestral dogs were pack animals. at the hours of darkness, they might sleep along is their den close up to every alternative for heat and security. Animals area unit at their most vulnerable after the area unit is asleep. If they’re willing to sleep next to you, they’ve spoken a language that they trust you to not damage them whereas they’re defenseless.

By permitting them to make out you, you’re showing an identical degree of trust in your dog.


Dogs have a superb ability to browse our emotions. simply by going concerning our traditional business and interacting with our dogs during a relaxed method, we tend to area unit telling them that we tend to contemplate them as a part of our pack and area unit happy being with them.


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