5 things your cat is trying (desperately) to tell you

Contrary to popular belief, cats often try to communicate with us. It’s all about understanding them!

Unlike a dog who can often be understood in the blink of an eye, cats are more mysterious beings. Yet he regularly tries to communicate with us in their own way. See instead.

1. Your cat is excited

Sitting on the windowsill, your cat looks out as if he’s seen the most exciting thing in the world. While staring at the outside, he pushes some kind of small tweets. In general, this type of behavior simply means that your cat is excited. He has probably seen a little animal outside and dreams of running and playing with it!

2. Your cat is stressed

Usually so clean, your cat starts to have “accidents” and needs to be done somewhere other than litter? He may be stressed. To try to make sure of this, make sure that the litter is in a quiet place – to avoid the places of passage – but also that it is clean and not too close to the food of your cat. You should know that cats love to hide and be quiet.

Of course, a problem of cleanliness can also come from the fact that there is not enough litter at home or that it is not cleaned often enough.

3. Your cat is comfortable, happy

A purring cat is usually a relaxed and happy cat. If in addition he rubs his head against you or shows you his belly, it is that he is at the height of happiness! The perfect opportunity for a long session of gratouilles

4. Your cat loves you

Since cats are known for their independence, it is sometimes difficult to know if they like us or if they simply enjoy all-inclusive accommodation. But there are still signs that do not deceive. For example, when your cat is rubbing you, it is a way for him to point out that you are his property, and therefore he loves you! The same when your cat grooms you with licks or gives you little whim.

5. Your cat gets bored and asks for your attention (and right away if possible)

Cats have a way of telling you that they are bored to death and want a little fun. This is particularly the case when your cat has fun just under your nose to drop things located high. He’s just trying to have a little fun. Too bad for your vase.

It’s exactly the same when your cat knocks me early in the morning or at night. He just wants a little company, and if possible not in three hours!

To solve all this, the best is to propose different toys and other maze bowls to your cat so that he can have fun quietly without breaking anything and letting you sleep.


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